Exeon sells six different grades of chops that vary based on copper content and gauge size. Customers typically purchase in TL quantities, but the foundry industry, which often requires small quantities on a same day or next day basis, is a fast growing segment of the business. With its background as a wire and cable manufacturer, Exeon understands lean manufacturing and the importance of "just-in-time" deliveries. Let Exeon develop a program tailored to your requirements.


To support The Imperial Group’s needs for lead and zinc, Exeon purchases those items in LTL quantities into the Jonesboro facility or in TL quantities direct to The Imperial Group plants.


Exeon has relationships with the industry's premier producers and merchants, and can supply you with the products to meet your needs, regardless of quantity.

Supply Agreements

If you are looking for a partner that can help source material, market material, setup a hedging program, provide financing or a toll process, look no further than Exeon where a customized program can be developed to meet your needs.