Leaders in Nonferrous Scrap Processing

Located in Jonesboro Indiana, Exeon buys, sells, and processes all types of copper scrap, focusing mainly on the chopping of #1 and #2 insulated copper wire. Exeon is owned by the management of the company and The Imperial Group, which has invested in several scrap and metal related companies with combined sales in excess of $800 million dollars. Exeon entered the commercial scrap metal industry in 2006 with a wire chopping line that had previously been dedicated to an industrial wire and cable manufacturer that was sold in 2005. Exeon entered the marketplace with no external suppliers, and has grown its business into one of the largest scrap metal processors in the Midwest.

Exeon brokers loads of nonferrous scrap, both domestically and internationally, and has added the capability of managing supply agreements for customers. Integrity and honesty are the cornerstones of the company’s approach to working with suppliers, and customers. Exeon strives to be as transparent as possible, while providing the highest quality product possible. The company also puts a large emphasis on being environmentally compliant with all governmental requirements.